Arranging transport for a vehicle purchased on eBay

Are you selling a car on ebay, or have you purchased a car on eBay? We can help either the buyer of the seller of the vehicle arrange collection and delivery of a car, caravan or other vehicle that has been sold on eBay with their transport requirements.

Just let us have the postcodes for the collection and delivery points, along with details of the vehicle that has been sold and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote to transport your car for you.

Just call or text us on 07966 112800 or send us an email. We'll calculate the cost to transport your car and be in touch shortly with a Quote.

Alternatively, you may be bidding on a car on eBay and are wondering how much it will cost you to collect the vehicle. We can help you with an estimated quote of how much it will cost for the transportation of the car.

Sometimes you may want to calculate if it is cheaper to collect the car yourself, or to pay a car transport company to deliver the vehicle to you. We can help you weigh up the cost of hiring a trailer, or getting the train to collect your car. It's simple and easy to get your quote so get in touch with Andrew today.

If you are buying a car restoration project, we can also collect small components and parts as long as you let us know in advance. We can collect the log book for your new car, spare keys, service book and service history paperwork, etc.

If the vehicle you have bought on Ebay is a non-runner we have an electric winch facility to help load the car onto the transporter. However, we would need to know if advance so that we bring it with us. If your vehicle doesn't run we would also need further details about access to the vehicle at collection and delivery points.

If your car has low ground clearance we can arrange to transport your car on our PRG tilt bed trailer, which allows easy loading for cars with long overhangs, or low spoilers.

We will liase with the Ebay Seller with regard to collection dates and times of your car, notify you once your car has been loaded, and keep you informed of our arrival time for the delivery of your new car. We aim to make the whole process as simple as possible for the Buyer.

Your car will be fully insured, and fully secured in place whilst on our single car transporter or PRG car transport trailers

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